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As a professional coach with a track-record of effectively training Civilians, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel, your expertise is in high demand. Greyhive provides a platform for you to reach a wider audience and monetize your skills virtually, 24/7. By partnering with us, you can use our extensive network and technology as a force-multiplier to grow your training business and increase your income.

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Our platform is home to some of the most highly qualified and successful firearms coaches in the industry. By joining Greyhive, our coaches will be able to reach a wider audience, increase their visibility, and grow their businesses. Our cutting-edge technology, comprehensive training resources, back office marketing and support, and commitment to excellence will help these coaches to not only meet their goals, but exceed them. Discover how Greyhive can make a difference, and learn how we can help take your training business to the next level.

JBS Training Group

Founder Mark Smith has been shooting for over 15 years. What started with hunting in the woods of SC as a youth quickly developed into a passion. In 2011, he began to take his shooting seriously after discovering how much he didn’t know after attending his first professional training course.

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Executive Training Group

Founder and Head Instructor, Garret McLaren, has been shooting for 10 years and has a real passion for training and instructing. He takes a performance-based training style to solve tactical problems smarter and faster. Garret is a former U.S. Army Sniper, Master Class USPSA Shooter, USCCA Certified Instructor, and leads the ETG firearm training initiatives.

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The genesis of our designs comes when we recognize there is a problem with our current equipment, and then designing an intelligent solution that works in training and real life. Training continues to be integral to what we do by providing a platform for rigorous and determined testing.  We understand that if the equipment fails in function or does not last, it is useless.

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Features and Benefits for Coaches

As a firearms coach, your success depends on your ability to reach and engage with your audience. Greyhive offers a suite of features and benefits that will help you to not only meet your goals, but exceed them. From our ProAXS™ tiered subscription management system to our uncensored video platform, Greyhive has everything you need to grow your business and increase your income.

ProAXS™ tiered subscription management

Segment your members and provide personalized and high-value content to your students and followers.

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Uncensored video platform

Teach comprehensively without restrictions on specific actions or language, ensuring content publication and a secure income stream.

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As a firearms coach, your success is our success. At Greyhive, we are dedicated to providing our coaches with the tools and resources they need to succeed. From our innovative features and benefits to our extensive network and commitment to excellence, we are the leading platform for firearms training. Partner with us today and experience the difference for yourself.

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100% Control of Your Voice & Message

Unfiltered, uncensored, and unfettered control of the content and messaging you want to publish.

Unmatched Features & Technology Stack

Full access to a comprehensive suite of technology solutions purpose-built for the firearm training industry.

Community & Network Effect

Help build and grow this community and you will benefit from the other Coaches in the ecosystem doing the same thing.

Join us today and become part of a community of top firearms coaches who are dedicated to educating and connecting America's firearm community.

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How do I get a Team Room?

Our platform is curated by the leadership team with assistance from our plankholder partners. To apply, go to the Apply to Coach page and submit the form. Once we receive the application, we will be in contact within 72 hours.

How do I make money on Greyhive?

All Coaches are included in a revenue share program. Details are shared during the application process.