JBS Training Group
Founder, Mark Smith

Founder Mark Smith has been shooting for over 15 years. What started with hunting in the woods of SC as a youth quickly developed into a passion.

In 2011, he began to take his shooting seriously after discovering how much he didn’t know after attending his first professional training course. Since then, Mark has amassed over 1000 hours of professional training from some of the best instructors in the business.​

Mark has worked to build relevant, up-to-date, and professional training programs for military, civilian, and law-enforcement clients in topics ranging from performance shooting, church safety and security planning, and Night Observation Device (NODs) integration and techniques.

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Draw Efficiency

Some things to roll over next time you are working on your draw.

How to Control Rifle Recoil: Quick and Easy

Super easy ways to tame the rifle and its recoil patterns.

Best Zero for AR15

Zero distance is only part of the equation.

6ARC and Why I Love It

Here is the short dirty take on 6ARC and what I have found along the way.

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EDC Set Up and Gear

Every day carry set up and gear considerations.

First Focal Plane and Second Focal Plane

Difference between first and second focal plane magnified optics.

High Mounts and Cheek Risers

If you raise your scope height, raise the comb to meet it.

How to Draw from Appendix

Does the start position really matter?

How to Get the Most out of Dryfire Today

In this video we discuss dryfire and how I do it.

How to Grip and Control a Pistol

Pistol grip and recoil mitigation.

LPVO Diopter Adjustment

This is how I set up my diopters on my 1-6, 1-8, 1-10, etc scopes.

LPVO vs. Red Dot with Magnifier and What Matters

The pros and cons of LPVO optics and red dots with magnifiers.

Laser Aiming vs. Optic Aiming

Comparing performance between the rifle optic and visible laser.

Load and Make Ready. Or Don't

This is a way that I typically make ready.

Offset Dots: Closed Emitter vs. Open Emitter and Why

I dig the closed emitter for almost all purposes.

Offset Dots: Info You Need to Know

Understanding and zeroing offset dots on carbines.

Offset Red Dot: Why, How

A few ways why and how I utilize offset dots on carbines.

Pistol Reloads: See What You Need to See

Watching the threat vs seeing the magazine enter the mag well.

Rifle Support Bags

Support bags and how they can be beneficial to the practical shooter.

Rifle: Kneeling Unsupported

Here are a couple of ways to kneel with the rifle.

Rifle: Seated Position

To finalize the rifle position videos I’ve been doing, here is seated.

Rifle: Standing Unsupported

This is how I shoot standing unsupported.

Shot Calling and Why You Need to Learn How to Do It

Shot calling is the single most important skill a shooter can develop.

Sons of Liberty and Hodge Defense: A Comparison

Their 12.5 inch offerings. Compare and contrast the best parts of each.

The Best Back Up Sights on the Market

Why I dig back up or offset dots for redundancy.

Visible Laser Uses for Rifle Shooters

This is a video on visible laser use as it pertains to the carbine.

Zero Process and Increasing Hit Probability at Distance

This is how I zero my guns to establish the cone of accuracy.

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