JBS Training Group

JBS Training Group

Mark has been shooting for over 15 years. What started with hunting in the woods of SC as a youth quickly developed into a passion. In 2011, he began to take his shooting seriously after discovering how much he didn’t know after attending his first professional training course. Since then, Mark has amassed over 1000 hours of professional training from some of the best instructors in the business.

Mark has worked to build relevant, up-to-date, and professional training programs for military, civilian, and law-enforcement clients in topics ranging from performance shooting, church safety and security planning, and Night Observation Device (NODs) integration and techniques.

Many esteemed members of the Law Enforcement community have attended JBS Training Group classes, including members of the 19th SF Group, Homeland Security, NYPD, US Marshals, FBI and more.

When not teaching, he also competes in shooting skills matches to include 2-gun as well as USPSA where he has achieved the classification of Grand Master, he is the head of the firearms training division of his church safety-team, and he helps local farmers thin their nuisance animal populations by night hunting.

When not on the busy with his work, you will probably find him in his yard working on another home project for his wife of 10 years, Brittany, and if not, his two kids are sure to find something for him to do with them.

JBS Training Group
  • Draw Efficiency

    Some things to roll over next time you’re working on your draw.

  • First focal plane and second focal plane optics, and why you care.

    This vid covers the difference between first and second focal plane magnified optics and my thoughts on why/when you should choose one over the other.

    Of course, with infinite variables being acknowledged, this info is not concrete. Things change. Context changes. Environment changes. Underwear...

  • Pistol Reloads - See What You Need to See

  • Offset dots. Closed emitter vs. open emitter and why.

    I dig the closed emitter for almost all purposes. If you end up in the right situations with an open emitter, you might as well not even have an offset because it is frankly unusable. Just one guys experience. Choose wisely.

  • Best zero for AR15

    Zero distance is only part of the equation. Then you must gather the data on the bullets flight path in an attempt to create a path that deviates from the line of sight as little as possible.
    There is no “best zero”. There is only YOUR zero.
    The video is long and wordy. Sorry. It had to be.

  • Offset red dot. Why How

    A quick impromptu video on a few ways why and how I utilize offset dots on carbines. These are just some of the bigger more applicable benefits. We all know you can use it to go from magnified to 1x or 1x to magnified quickly and more efficiently than dialing, but what else can they do?

  • Rifle support bags and why you ought to grab one.

    Vid on different support bags and how they can be beneficial to the practical shooter.

  • Shot calling and why you need to learn how to do it!!!

    Shot calling is the single most important skill a shooter can develop after accomplishing the ability to produce accurate fire. Learning and understanding this skill is paramount if you want to separate yourself from 95% of other shooters. Once you know what it looks like to call a good shot, and...

  • Zero process and increasing hit probability at distance.

    This is how I zero my guns to establish the cone of accuracy. Doing this will absolutely increase hit percentage on targets at distance.

  • Some things you need to know about high mounts and cheek risers NOW!

    If you raise your scope height, it would behoove you to raise the comb to meet it. If you wanna be as precise as possible, anyways.

  • Sons of Liberty and Hodge Defense. A comparison.

    Here we go over the attributes of these manufacturers 12.5” offerings and compare and contrast the best parts of each.

    We also talk about why most people can get along just fine with either.

    Of course there are certain points I didn’t hit on. I didn’t want this to be a one hour video. It was ...

  • Visible laser uses for rifle shooters

    This is a video on visible laser use as it pertains to the carbine. These are some (not all) of the things I utilize mine for. Enjoy.

  • Rifle. Kneeling Unsupported.

    Here are a couple of ways to kneel with the rifle. A couple do nothing and a couple are really solid. Take the principles and make them yours. Do yo thang!!

    Special shout-out to Alex at @Ridgeline for the Mobility, Durability, Stability phrase. That makes some of this easy for me to diagnose an...

  • Seated rifle position.

    To finalize the rifle position videos I’ve been doing, here is seated. By far my favorite for shooting with precision. As always, these aren’t the only ways to do this, they’re simply my preferred ways. Try it out and find what you like. Thanks!

  • How To Get The Most Out Of Dryfire Today!!!

    In this vid we discuss dryfire and how I do it. We go over the three categories; Control, Speed, and Steve Anderson’s “Match Mode”.

    We also discuss gadgets of dryfire and how they may hurt more than they help.

  • Rifle Standing Unsupported

    So, you’ve got to shoot standing unsupported at a target that requires a high accuracy shot. This is how I get that done. These aren’t all the ways, they’re simply the best ways I’ve found for most folks and the way their guns are set up.

    Test Drill:
    - Target is a 50yd B8
    - Starting from low ...

  • LPVO vs. Red Dot with Magnifier and what matters.

    The pros and cons of LPVO optics and red dots with magnifiers.

  • Load and make ready. Or don’t.

    This is a way that I typically make ready. No matter what the circumstance this method has not failed me. I have arrived at this method due to the cumulative experiences and instruction I have received. I hope it helps. Thanks.

  • LVPO Diopter adjustment.

    This is how I set up my diopters on my 1-6, 1-8, 1-10, etc scopes. If it has a 1x, this is the way. This method does not apply to diopters on optics without a 1x. You bought a LVPO because having the 1x was important to ya. Let’s get that part right.

  • How to draw from appendix

    Does the start position really matter? Here we quickly explore what the data says.

    Long story short, you are not failing the drill because of your start position. You’re also likely not failing due to your draw being 1.2 instead of .99. You’re failing the drill because you didn’t hit what you’r...

  • How to control rifle recoil. Quick and Easy.

    Super easy ways to tame the rifle and its recoil patterns. This isn’t all the ways to accomplish this stuff obviously, but it’s some easy to understand FAST ways to see big differences. Hope you guys enjoy.

  • How to grip and control a pistol. Things you NEED to know.

    There is far too much about pistol grip, and recoil mitigation that can be covered in a video less than 1/2 hour long. Here are the basics to get you started. Define success and identify what you do to accomplish it. Come see us at a class for a more in depth dive into recoil and grip of a handgun.

  • The best back up sights on the market!

    In this one we touch on why I dig back up or offset dots for redundancy and for strange circumstances. Even in conjunction with conventional dots as the main source of aiming.

  • 6ARC and why I love it.

    I didn’t intend to get as wordy as I did. It’s almost required though to be thorough enough to do the cartridge justice. Even still, there’s much left out due to not wanting a 30 min video on this. I never liked that. Anyway, here’s the short dirty take on 6ARC and what I’ve found along the way. ...