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Watch this video and more on Greyhive

Pistol Reloads - See What You Need to See

JBS Training Group • 8m 51s

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  • Offset dots. Closed emitter vs. open ...

    I dig the closed emitter for almost all purposes. If you end up in the right situations with an open emitter, you might as well not even have an offset because it is frankly unusable. Just one guys experience. Choose wisely.

  • Best zero for AR15

    Zero distance is only part of the equation. Then you must gather the data on the bullets flight path in an attempt to create a path that deviates from the line of sight as little as possible.
    There is no “best zero”. There is only YOUR zero.
    The video is long and wordy. Sorry. It had to be.

  • Offset red dot. Why How

    A quick impromptu video on a few ways why and how I utilize offset dots on carbines. These are just some of the bigger more applicable benefits. We all know you can use it to go from magnified to 1x or 1x to magnified quickly and more efficiently than dialing, but what else can they do?