• Natural Point of Aim Drill

    How to drill to improve your perceived point of aim.

  • EDC Set Up and Gear

  • Training Brief, S2E1 – Law Enforcement – Patrol Rifle

    Chris Lapre @asymmetricoptions, Dave Norman @trukinetics, and Victor Lopez @sierraelement_training dive into the patrol rifle, LPVO, and various other topics surrounding the training of, and deployment of, the patrol rifle for law enforcement.

  • Drill Using Grip as Sight Picture

    Drill using grip as sight picture

  • Rifle Standing Unsupported

    So, you’ve got to shoot standing unsupported at a target that requires a high accuracy shot. This is how I get that done. These aren’t all the ways, they’re simply the best ways I’ve found for most folks and the way their guns are set up.

    Test Drill:
    - Target is a 50yd B8
    - Starting from low ...

  • Episode 19 - Moving and Shooting

    What should you consider when moving and shooting? Mike of Garand Thumb fame talks with Ryan (West coast SWAT officer, IG: @grimcmv) and Ian Strimbeck (Runenation LLC) about this while on the range.