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Executive Training Group
1R1 Reload Drill
Practical reload drill One round, reload, one round.
Click Banger vs. Prepper
Prepping the trigger or the old click bang method coined by JJ?
Drill Using Grip as Sight Picture
Drill using grip as sight picture.
Gripping a Handgun
Properly gripping your pistol is critical to placing consistent rounds on target.
High Ready, High Port, Low Port
You will use these rifle positions all the time when moving with your rifle.
Holster Draw
Drawing your pistol from a holster.
How to Appendix Carry
Concealed / EDC. How to appendix carry.
Loading, Unloading, and Clearing a Rifle
How to load, unload, and clear your rifle.
Natural Point of Aim Drill
Drill to improve your perceived point of aim.
Pistol Speed Reloads
Pistol speed reloads.
Pushing vs. Maintaining
Pushing versus maintaining standards.
Rifle Ready Positions High Ready, High Port, Low Port
Rifle ready positions: High ready, high port, low port.
Rifle Ready Up Drill
Rifle ready up drill.
Rifle to Pistol Transition
Rifle to pistol transition.
Stance and Grip for Rifle
Stance and grip for a rifle.
Standards for Holster Draw
Here Garret shows a holster draw standard for you to practice on your next range day.
Stop the Slow Draw
Some shooters have a tendency to slow their draw when shooting a smaller, or further target.
Target vs. Sight Focus
The difference between target focus and sight focus.
Trigger Press Slack, Sights, Press
Trigger press slack, sights, press.
Understanding LPVOs
Understanding low power variable optics (LPVO).
Useless Tension when Pushing Standards
How tension impacts performance with maintenance and pushing standards.
JBS Training Group
6ARC and Why I Love It
Here is the short dirty take on 6ARC and what I have found along the way.
Best Zero for AR-15
Zero distance is only part of the equation.
Draw Efficiency
Some things to roll over next time you are working on your draw.
EDC Set Up and Gear
Every day carry set up and gear considerations.
First Focal Plane and Second Focal Plane
Difference between first and second focal plane magnified optics.
High Mounts and Cheek Risers
If you raise your scope height, raise the comb to meet it.
How to Control Rifle Recoil Quick and Easy
Super easy ways to tame the rifle and its recoil patterns.
How to Draw from Appendix
Does the start position really matter?
How to Get the Most out of Dryfire Today
In this video we discuss dryfire and how I do it.
How to Grip and Control a Pistol
Pistol grip and recoil mitigation.
LPVO Diopter Adjustment
This is how I set up my diopters on my 1-6, 1-8, 1-10, etc scopes.
LPVO vs. Red Dot with Magnifier and What Matters
The pros and cons of LPVO optics and red dots with magnifiers.
Laser Aiming vs. Optic Aiming
Comparing performance between the rifle optic and visible laser.
Load and Make Ready Or Don't
This is a way that I typically make ready.
Offset Dots Closed Emitter vs. Open Emitter and Why
I dig the closed emitter for almost all purposes.
Offset Dots Info You Need to Know
Understanding and zeroing offset dots on carbines.
Offset Red Dot Why, How
A few ways why and how I utilize offset dots on carbines.
Pistol Reloads See What You Need to See
Watching the threat vs seeing the magazine enter the mag well.
Rifle Kneeling Unsupported
Here are a couple of ways to kneel with the rifle.
Rifle Seated Position
To finalize the rifle position videos I have been doing, here is seated.
Rifle Standing Unsupported
This is how I shoot standing unsupported.
Rifle Support Bags and Why You Ought to Grab One
Support bags and how they can be beneficial to the practical shooter.
Shot Calling and Why You Need to Learn How to Do It
Shot calling is the single most important skill a shooter can develop.
Sons of Liberty and Hodge Defense A Comparison
Their 12.5 inch offerings. Compare and contrast the best parts of each.
The Best Back Up Sights on the Market
Why I dig back up or offset dots for redundancy.
Visible Laser Uses for Rifle Shooters
This is a video on visible laser use as it pertains to the carbine.
Zero Process and Increasing Hit Probability at Distance
This is how I zero my guns to establish the cone of accuracy.

Let's go

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Modern Samurai Project
A Way, Not THE Way
Know your why.
Arms Locked Drill
Arms locked or arms in, either way you need to know how the body works.
Eyes and Posture Drill
Eyes and posture drill.
Grip Drill
How we grip our gun is how we shoot our gun.
How the Body Works
How the body works Explanation of mechanics.
Introduction to Scott Jedlinski
Jedi Force Punch
How your body works and its structure.
Safety Procedures
Safety procedures.
Who and Why I Teach
Scott brings a different perspective to being a shooting instructor.
Training Brief
Episode 01 Spalling
Garett Schwindel of Kagwerks and Drew Estell of BAER Solutions discuss spalling as it relates to our use of cover.
Episode 02 Mental Performance, Part 1
Dr. Seth Haselhuhn, SOCOM Mental Performance Coach, and Drew Estell, BAER Solutions, discuss training and the mental performance aspects that determin
Episode 03 Mental Performance, Part 2
Dr. Seth Haselhuhn, SOCOM Mental Performance Coach, and Drew Estell, BAER Solutions, discuss training and the mental performance aspects that determin
Episode 04 Trigger Control
Importance of maintaining complete focus throughout the entire trigger pull.
Episode 05 Pistol High Ready
Discussion and demonstration of the high ready with pistol.
Episode 06 IR Signaling
Different types of IR signaling devices such as strobes and chem lights.
Episode 07 How to Survive, Your Health
Survival is much more than having medical supplies on hand.
Episode 08 Why Military Don't Shoot Competitions
One of the main reason military, and most of us who train, don't shoot competitions.
Episode 09 Pistol Low Ready
Discussion and demonstration of the low ready with pistol.
Episode 10 How to Survive, Food and Water
Survival is much more than having medical supplies on hand.
Episode 11 How to Simulate Combat
How some train to simulate combat on the flat range.
Episode 12 Thumb Pectoral Index, Concealed Carry
Ian Strimbeck of Rune Nation LLC talks about the thumb pectoral index.
Episode 13 How to Survive, Personal Protection
Personal Protection is the most commonly trained skill for our community.
Episode 14 How You Process Threats and Stress
How we process threats and different stressors during shooting.
Episode 15 Shooting and Mental Processing, Part 1
Mental processing and shooting demonstration.
Episode 16 Shooting and Mental Processing, Part 2
Mental processing and shooting discussion.
Episode 17 Police Patrol Rifle Set Up
Patrol rifle set up in different environments and considerations for each.
Episode 18 Military vs. Police Sniper
Police and military have very different roles, but roles with a lot of overlap.
Episode 19 Moving and Shooting
What should you consider when moving and shooting?
Episode 20 Diopter Adjustment
What is the difference in a police and military sniper?
Episode 21 Overriding Neural Pathways, Part 1
How do we get faster on the draw?
Episode 22 Overriding Neural Pathways, Part 2
How do we get faster on the draw?
Episode 23 Overriding Neural Pathways, Part 3
How do we get faster on the draw?
Episode 24 Overriding Neural Pathways, Part 4
How do we get faster on the draw?
Episode 25 Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle
The patrol rifle, LPVO, and various other topics surrounding the training of, and deployment of, the patrol rifle for law enforcement.

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