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Tenicor is an American design, development, manufacturing, and training company. We build products that work. Since 2008, we have been determined in our design, development and testing of innovative and intelligent equipment. In 2017, we introduced our first commercially available products.

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EDC and Tourniquets

Some people carry a tourniquet, some people don't.

Negligence has Consequences

Good intentions alone are insufficent when it comes to handling and using a firearm.

Normal vs. Natural

Just because something feels uncomfortable doesn't mean it's wrong.

Broaden Your Skill Set

A gun solves specific types of conflict. Different situations require different solutions.

Carrying a Flashlight

Besides for practical admin tasks, a good flashlight is an effective self-defense tool.

Using Your Eyes

Eye dominance may not be as important as some people argue.

All Guns are Always Loaded

Too many people get complacent with guns and habituate unsafe gun handling.

Eyes Open Drill

Do you actually shoot with your eyes open?

2 Days of Performance Pistol with Mark Smith

Tenicor travels to take a class with Mark Smith. This was our experience.

The Foundation to Proper Shooting Grip and Stance

Jeff Mau dives deep into the grip and stance for foundational pistol handling.

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