Full Spectrum Warrior
Founder, Rich Graham

Rich Graham is a Navy SEAL veteran and the creator of the Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) System. FSW trains civilians and assists police departments across the country in developing cutting edge training and problem solving for an ever evolving threat.

His accomplishments includes: SEAL Team 10 Operator and Sniper; Tactical advisor to multiple SRT/SWAT Teams across the country; Trained Police Departments across the country in Counter Terrorism Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

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Situational Awareness: Parking Lot

Step 1: Threat Assessment

Step 2: Site Survey

Step 3: Parking Position

Step 4: Moving Observation

Step 5: Defensive Preperation

Step 6: Vehicle Approach

Final Thoughts

Situational Awareness: Airport

Arrival and Check-In

Boarding Strategies

Seat Considerations

Fighting on a Plane

Improvised Weapons

Leaving the Airport

Reducing Your Exposure to a Threat

Understanding Dead Space and Angles

Examples from Bad Guys View

Further Breakdown of What You Just Saw

Live Fire Example of this in Action from Bad Guys View

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