Our Mission

We educate and connect America's firearm community.

In partnership with leading training companies, strategic partners, and brands, we are working collaboratively to build an uncensored firearm training community.

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Our story

At Greyhive, we believe all Americans deserve to experience the unalienable rights protected within the Bill of Rights and Constitution. We believe the rights to free speech and to bear arms aren't negotiable, because both are God-given and don’t originate from any political doctrine.

These basic rights are not to be infringed, ever. As Americans, it is our right to pursue happiness while limiting any oppression, deception, intimidation, bullying, and censorship based on our political party, religious beliefs, or second amendment advocacy.

Every day, Greyhive members create meaningful connections with coaches, mentors, and peers with the sole intent of strengthening the bonds within our unique community. This trusted ecosystem solidifies the bond between credible and curated professionals and the broader community in order to ensure the professional growth and progress of our collective goals.

Why Greyhive?

Greyhive is an independent, conservative technology company curating an enterprise training platform and community that delivers educational, engagement, and monetization tools for professional coaches and training companies.

We are committed to building a tech-enabled solution absent of censorship and with a functionality to fully support a more engaged community of fellow patriots. World-class trainers and end-users can leverage our platform and expansive network to establish and cultivate a community of more aware, educated, and prepared Americans.

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Message from our founder

The Greyhive team is committed to building a tech-enabled platform and ecosystem that supports the men and women who dedicate themselves to becoming more educated and prepared Americans.

Greyhive is unwavering in its commitment to mission success and is hyper focused on building our community into an influential source of trusted and credible information.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in our team, and we look forward to building and advocating for this unique community of patriotic Americans.

Jeremy Harrell

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Build a more engaged community without fear of censorship while creating new revenue streams and generating monthly recurring and transactional income.

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