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"Great content! I’ve been waiting a while for this to make its way out. I’ve been following Greyhive from the jump. Glad they’re back. These guys have a lot of great knowledge to bring forth to the public. Look forward to what they bring in the coming future. Well done boys."

Executive Training Group

Founder and Head Instructor, Garret McLaren, has been shooting for 10 years and has a real passion for training and instructing. He takes a performance-based training style to solve tactical problems smarter and faster. Garret is a former U.S. Army Sniper, Master Class USPSA Shooter, USCCA Certified Instructor, and leads the ETG firearm training initiatives.

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JBS Training

Founder Mark Smith has been shooting for over 15 years. What started with hunting in the woods of SC as a youth quickly developed into a passion. In 2011, he began to take his shooting seriously after discovering how much he didn’t know after attending his first professional training course.

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Modern Samurai Project

Founder Scott Jedlinski's specialty is the fundamentals and performance of the use of red dot equipped pistols for responsibly armed citizens and law enforcement. He hopes to offer his services to help you get started on your journey to understanding how to defend yourself and your loved ones.

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The genesis of our designs comes when we recognize there is a problem with our current equipment, and then designing an intelligent solution that works in training and real life. Training continues to be integral to what we do by providing a platform for rigorous and determined testing.  We understand that if the equipment fails in function or does not last, it is useless.

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Training Brief SeriesGreyhive

Greyhive's original team room featuring content from a variety of  experts and respected instuctors. Topics ranging from Pistol to Rifle to Survival to Mental Performance and more.

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